Justine Desgens et Stéphanie Daoust

3-5 Set is the story of a long-standing friendship between Justine and Stéphanie, and how we pursued our dreams of becoming entrepreneurs.

Our shared passion? Decorating! Inspired by the symbolism of odd numbers and the rule of three in the world of design, 3-5 Set prizes balance and harmony in all things.

Lacking inspiration for your get-together? Hostesses par excellence who are no strangers to setting a beautiful table, we’ve designed themes and created decorative sets to keep your decor looking fresh.

Looking for style and simplicity? We’ve thought of every detail so you don’t have to.

Make our simple and elegant decorative table sets the backdrop to all your celebrations. Our ready-to-deliver boxes contain all the essentials for creating exactly the mood you’re after.

We hope you enjoy browsing our theme sets. Let the magic begin!

Welcome to 3-5 Set!