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Quebec Businesses to Encourage Without Spending / 3-5 Set déco

Encourage Quebec Businesses…Without Spending a Cent! This year, there is every reason to believe that online purchases in Quebec will break records. However, let’s hope that they mostly take place on the sites of Quebec businesses of all backgrounds, which contribute to our economy. But did you know that it’s not necessary to make a […]

3 Bright Decoration Ideas for Christmas 2020 – 3-5 Set

3 Bright Christmas Decoration Ideas for Your Centrepiece For several weeks, we’ve been trying to plan ahead to know what the holiday season will look like this year. The more time passes, the more certain we are that Christmas 2020 will be “tight-knit”: no big family gatherings, office parties, or trips with friends. While staying […]

From a small gathering to a large crowd,
your set includes everything you need to host your guests.

Table cloths, placements, cloth table napkins, decorative accessories, and decorative lighting: it’s all in the box. Simply follow the table-setting guide, then sit back and wait for your guests to arrive!


Setting the table is as easy as 1-2-3 !


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